About StriveCast

The leading German eCDN provider

Driven by technology.
Focused on the future.

We are StriveCast, the leading German eCDN provider founded in 2017. We are a team of video experts, who strive to deliver top-in-class enterprise video solutions to make live video streaming accessible for everyone.

Based in Germany, we provide video distribution and video analytics software to companies that heavily rely on the smooth and reliable performance of online video.

What we do

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We build efficient video networks

Streaming solutions lack the ability to scale efficiently. As a content provider, you often lack control over the quality of the viewing experience. StriveCast works to put control in your hands!

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We provide next-gen video distribution

Existing company networks aren’t optimized for the delivery of live video at scale. We are committed to providing enterprise video solutions that become more efficient the more people join.

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We make video streaming affordable, and scalable

Using end devices to deliver video streams, rather than cloud caches, enables infinite scale, and reduces CDN cost. Utilizing the power of the StriveCast P2P delivery network, you can reduce costs and improve quality.