The eCDN inside your browser

95% bandwidth reduction for your company live events

Enterprise Video Delivery over WebRTC


95% bandwidth reduction during live events

Reduce bandwidth requirements for video collaboration and webcasting by 95% to ensure a reliable and scalable use of video as your main channel of communication.


No agent or client installation - 100% browser-based!

Start using StriveCast eCDN within minutes after initial setup. No software installation, network configuration, or firewall changes are required.


Real-Time Event Statistics with Video Analytics​

Monitor your network and webcast performance in real-time with our video analytics dashboard to get a holistic, data-driven report about your live events.

The picture shows a woman during a video call.
StriveCast portal Dashboard overview jpg.

Real-Time User Experience Insights.

Unterstanding your audience is crucial in order to provide high-quality video content. StriveCast comes with a  real-time video analytics option, you can get data about your audience to optimize streaming experience.

The picture shows how the StriveCast dashboard looks like and how it works. Various statistics and graphs are shown in different devices.

No Software Installation

StriveCast runs inside your web browser. No agents or clients have to be installed.

Real-Time Data Insights

Monitor your live streaming events in real-time with StriveCast Analytics.

See StriveCast eCDN in action

Guarantees a stable livestream, no matter how many people join in

Track relevant video statistics in real-time

Protect your network from congestion